Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Really bad posing on this one but it sort of makes me laugh. I coming to realize simply how far I am from being the artist I want to be which to be honest isn't saying that much since I will always want to be better. I'm not sure the work I do in my art class brings me any closer to that goal of being a better artist. Hopefully the composition and unity work will help me. I really hope I can take criticism and suggestions, I believe I can but when I see people in our class who don't seem to want suggestions I wonder if I am that way too. Our school is hosting some live model drawing sessions which I'm planning on going to. The representative from Art Center had suggested I take a class on figure drawing but there is no such class offered here so this is the next best thing. I need to start practicing a hour of 3D max a day so I can report to my dad that I'm learning some sort of "programing" and he should too.

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