Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bridge in Fillmore

I did this for the speed painters unite weekly challenge over on dA. We had 30 min to rearrange the elements of a photo in a new drawing. I really didn't end up changing that much but I'm pretty fond of it for the time I spent. One of my hall mates suggested this website that's much like a horoscope but instead you find your "power animal" which says something appropriate about you. She wanted me to try it so I gave it a go. To begin you "enter the forest" which is a nice picture of a forest with bird sounds looping in the background. Once on the forest webpage the power animal seeker closes their eyes and glids the mouse around searching for a connection or anything that inspires them to click. I couldn't do it. Nothing clicked. I got distracted by the bird songs which looped so regularly that they made a sort of beat. Then I thought about the flower and garden show which startes Wednesday (I'm so excited). I thought of all the animals hidding behind the firns, all facing forward just waiting. I found this image really funny.

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