Monday, December 15, 2008

Horned Crab Frog

Hhehehee it's funny looking. I finial finish my paper on photography. It shouldn't have been so hard. Hopefully  my creative paper will be better. I can't wait to go home. I really need to organize my computer. I have CS programs, 3 GB of music and a couple hundred pictures that need to be sorted and stored away. I also need to do some photo editing and final get out there and take some more pictures. Speaking of pictures back to my paper. I had the hardest time finishing it today. I meant to go and finish editing around 12 but my brother called to ask if I wanted to eat. I can't really seem to say no to eating when I don't want to be editing so I thought I'd eat really quickly then come back. When I was there I ended up seeing someone in the class I had a final in today studying so I stopped and said hi and ended up studying with her for the rest of the afternoon until my final. Which started at four. I ended up the last one done and stayed to talk to the teacher for about an hour. By that time it was 7. By 9 I finished editing and turned in my paper. Only seven days late. Goodness

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