Thursday, January 22, 2009


I had my first real art class today. We critiqued the mazes we had all done. Each person had to say a little about their maze after everyone went around the room and looked at everyone's maze. Mine wasn't very good; I didn't have enough variation in line quality nor enough personal experience involved in the maze. Our weekly sketch book assignment is to draw two of the same type of things together five times. We are supposed to think about composition and unity. Interesting assignment, I could use the practice. In class we drew still lifes with branches, it was hard and gave me a great appreciation for pens. I thought the class was sort of boring mainly because I missed being in a CWA art class where I had a group of people to talk to while I worked. I hope to try to work on the look of this guy a few more times, mainly because I don't like the design yet. It should be good

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