Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm back

I am. It's finally done. I made it. I'm no longer a freshman. Hurray. Anyways I had a pretty tough time of moving out. To begin with I was a little over confident with how long it would take to empty my room (I have much more stuff than I would have ever known). Speaking of which I really need to stop buying any clothes for a while, else I will drown in them. Now that I'm back in my room at home, I realize that I have limited space and too much clothing. Thank goodness most of my work is digital or I would have drawings absolutely everywhere, even as is, most of my wall space is covered in art. My brother who throws pots has a hard time finding places for all the work he has done.

I did this in less time than I usually do. About 40 min or so. Whenever I don't draw for a while on my computer, I forget how much fun it is.

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